Redbubble Face Masks

Hi everyone

I never would have imagined a day that my designs would be used for face masks, but here we are. I understand the science, these are not surgical masks preserved for our health and care workers, and these masks won’t protect us from catching Covid19. BUT – there appears to be evidence that they may help stop transmitting the virus to others. To me it’s a no brainer, it makes sense that if everyone chose to wear a mask when outdoors, In turn we would all be better protected. 

I really don’t want to wear a face mask, but if we need to do it I will, and if I’m going to do it – I’ll be doing it with some style!

I have spent a little time over the weekend enabling some of my unique patterns & abstract designs from my RedBubble Amanda Lakey store, I’ve also started enabling a few monogram and name designs from my RedBubble Pretty Personal store.

I think the girls name designs work especially well, as shown below. The Pretty Ink design set can be found here.  There are 20 popular girls names, but the idea behind my Pretty Personal store is that you are able to request changes – or different names in this case. Just message me and it will be done.

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Happy Valentine 2020!

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been hit by the love bug! I have had so much fun designing Valentine art for my Redbubble store this year. I don’t tend to bother with holidays, apart from Christmas. Yet somehow, 2020 feels a little special, & I seem to have gone a little love crazy!! So here’s a ♡ loving post to share with you. 

2020 Valentine mix: Glitz and glamour, traditional and cute…!

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Presenting Pattern Design

Discussing the significance of surface pattern design in contemporary society, and presenting a variety of patterns created for Redbubble and Society6. Continue reading “Presenting Pattern Design”