Enchanted Doe



A Deer wanders through the forest, the dappled sun casts an ethereal glow through the mist, the doe is enchanted in this wonderful place!


Hand-painted composite art work, created using a stunning blend of art textures and photography.

Enchanted Doe is available to purchase on a wide range of products, and is sold around the world. See Shop Art to find out more about my online stores, or click the links below to shop directly:




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Amanda Lakey Photologo

©  Copyright Protected – Published 2017 by Amanda Lakey.


3 thoughts on “Enchanted Doe

    1. Me too Deb, and nature is magical. This work is a composition of several photos and textures – to begin with I called it Woodland Doe. I changed the name when I used it again in a further composition named ‘Enchanted Christmas Doe’ also shown on my Portfolio. I think Enchanted really suits the final art 🙂

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      1. Yes the Christmas one is gorgeous as well as the Doe in the Snow…so so pretty and delicate. You are right, nature is sooo magical. I agree Enchanted really does suit the final art!! 🙂

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